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Unis TV & TV5MONDE - Documentary

52 minutes, 2017 - airED in early 2018

« Les cordes de la victoire » explores the captivating universe of three young fiddlers with years and years of practice at stake as they compete in the prestigious Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Championships.  For Daniel, Simon and Véronique the art of fiddling has been a part of their lives since a very young age. It is a struggle for these young people to prioritize their unique talent leading up to the competition as they balance studies, jobs and gigs. Traditional fiddling is part of our folklore and the basis of our French Canadian heritage. Through interviews with renown Canadian fiddlers this documentary retraces the history of this musical genre that has undergone a spectacular evolution since the first settlers. Live through the moments of anguish, stress and the triumph with the three young fiddlers as we accompany them backstage at the competition that has the power to change their lives.  Will they succeed in impressing the judges? A difficult task, under pressure. 


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