Project Launch: Cours À Option

We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with the FrancoSud school board (based in Calgary) to produce a series of 8 videos. The goal was to create a marketing tool to promote option courses offered in their high schools. 

Our client now has the ability to use these easily accessible and shareable videos to highlight the unique advantages available to students due to these dynamic courses they offer. 

We wanted to give the students a voice so they could convey to their peers the things they love about their options courses to help future students choose courses that they are enthusiastic about.  

We are very proud to work with this francophone school board. Producing content for young audiences remains a passion of ours! Working with our client Stéphanie as well as all the students, teachers and principals at several schools was a true pleasure and the final product is a direct result of a wonderful creative collaboration.  

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